Saturday, January 23, 2016

I miss you

I miss you so much.

Simple words but so meaningful.
crazy life live with this feeling

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Losing you~

I know this is the risk that i need to take if it ends,
I know i will be losing you,
I know there will be nomore us,
I know i m not gonna have someone who willing to listen all my crap story,
I lost my besfren, i lost my lover, i lost YOU

BASICALLY, I lost myself.
Its me but empty...
Me by all alone

I know you feel the same maybe worst
I m sorry....

P/s i miss you so much~

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I just want to inspire you
I just want you to be happy
I just want you to be success

I dont realise...

I ruin your life
I make you suffered
I waste your time
I just a burden to you...

I am sorry

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Amverton Cove Golf & Resort

Never know selangor have such a nice place to enjoy and relax.

We booked the amverton villa during christmas eve. What do expect tmpt ceruk cmni pun fully booked tau. The villa have 2 queen beds and you can add another 4 beds. After adjust here and there.. we only add another additional 2 beds. Complete, comfortable and enjoyable.

Villa ni ada 4 units je. And the best part villa ni have their own private pool. So, bgn2 terjun mkn terjun solat terjun.. it was fun and my whole family had fun n the important is my parent can relax. If, u guys tk book villa pun de je hotel and public pool. Pun still best. Slide die best.. umur i muda lagi pun naik gaks.. tk ramai sgt like other hotels make u feel comfortable and tk lah berasak2 sgt...

Tempt ni actually ada club house for golfer. So, husband or daddy go playing golf wife can enjoy their time kat spa.. i donno the price. Sorry tk sempt nk try sbuk berendam hikhik..

Anyway, kat sni de kids area.. tk lah besar but i think the kids shld enjoy it and love it.. apart of it they also have extreme sports or outdoor sports for kids and adult.. so, kiranya tk lah buhsan sgt.. u come here for enjoy and relax so what for looking for other activities kan?

Anyway tmpt ni for me everything is okey but tk okey kedai mkn a bit jauh provided dh buhsan mkn hotel and jaln nk pg hotel ni at nite so dark... so who cannot drive at night please plan ur journey.. chewahh..

Have fun guys!!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

New year

New spirit

New bucketlist

But i m still the same person. ME!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Uneasy feeling

There will be at one time when you cant make up your mind, when you cant make any decision, the whole world seems not okey

Uneasy feeling makes yourself being so emotional and unstable

At one side, you are telling yourself you have to finish it. You have to make a decision.

But another side will ask, what decision i should made? Which one should i choose?

There is a tiny part in yourself says that lets time decide for you. Lets yourself make her own decision by herself.

Whateva i hate the feeling that i have right now. This is not so me. I cant make any decision! I hate this!!!

This uneasy feeling really makes my life so miserable... 

I wish it will ends soon......

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Love madness

I always heard people said love will make u feel hurt
Love will make you blind
Love will turn your life upside down
Love also can make people being crazy lost their mind org melayu ckp buang tebiat...

For me, falling in love is the best feeling ever
Being loved is the best moment ever 
Belong to someone is the best occupation ever...

But..... not all people who are in love will be last together forever thats why people will stat to say love will make you feel hurt, love will make you cry on and on and on and bla bla bla and love also will make you suffered!!! Cinta hang tuh cinta buta mmg cmni lah jdnya!!...

Again, i agree on this but it doesnt stop you to fall in love again... because

You deserve to be loved
You deserve to find your own happiness
You deserve being someone's partner...
Your love is deserve for someone who deserved you..... 

Dont give up my sweetheart. Move and live your life

 Lets us find our back old days when the world is belong to us.....

Love you with all my heart...

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

When it comes.....

My dad diagnosed having a kidney failure last two months. His kidney size is smaller than it supposed to be hence it cannot functioning normal like others..

We all ni anak anak die wife die duk menangis meroyan sedey .. if ppl come and visit my dad ppl will say hes gonna be fine hes okey.. but deep inside i know he is not gonna be okey..

Like before he can eat wateva he wants, but now he cannot who say he is okey..
Like before he can do all his fav activities by like swimming, but now he cant who say he is fine...
Like before he travel with us anytime anywhere but now he cant cos he has her dialisis schedule to attend who say it is normal...

When it comes, we are not ready
When it comes, it hurts us so much
When it comes, we realise we only have him the one as our father...

Whateva is we need to support each other we need to be there for each other.. like now, my mum is really emotionally unstable. Selalo menangis selalo sedey selalo penat but she never tell us. We know how she is but we pretend in front of her we did not realise about it..

Bile one of ur family member sakit, everything will changed. Honestly speaking i tell you guys everything is changed including yourself. You have to change for your family not for yourself.

At this moment, what important for me i want to make sure my parent is happy and enjoy with their life. I will sacrifice everything i have just for them cos now you will realised what is the most important thing in your life...



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