Thursday, December 17, 2009

my first dance ^_~


for a long long time i 'mengumpul' a strength to create my own blog not strength i think it supposedly looking for a free time to sit and do this thing.

i m interested reading some blog sharing wif me 'indirectly' about their life, their hobby, what they are doing, their best, sad, enjoyable experience and etc... i think dats the best way how we can express our feeling to others without telling them directly.

hopefully after this i have a 'new friend' to share wif about anything and everything maybe ahaks~

i m really sory for those who is really expert in english and found out that my english is really bad. frankling speaking i m not good in english but i can try to improve it.

so, hope to see and hear some comment from you guys after this.

thank you (,")


Anonymous said...

congrats kak watie..
akhirnya u mnage to find ur time..haha
speaking gitu..;))

~syafa shafiin~ said...

have to find my own time to do this.
thanx for ur support

anak laut said...


selamat datang ke dunia blog..ada masa singgah di blog saya..

salam maal hijrah..

nini said...

hey..dah blogging..ko tgu lah aku beli new lappy..aku pun nak blogging gak...hahahaha

~syafa shafiin~ said...

kiter blog same2
sharing is caring

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