Wednesday, December 23, 2009

another round??!!

gosh its near to 2010. another chapter in my life. that means now we are in the month of December. for all of u, this is the time to clear up all your leave, go for vacation and the bestest thing in the world Y E S is coming up dear! (year end sale).

but for me, its totally different. after having my exam i have to start back to work. i have been barred from taking any leave except emergency leave or medical leave. PEAK PERIOD is coming in sob sob :'(

have to work till late of midnight, sleep at office or worst didn't sleep at all. what a life? but i m a little bit okey this year (ye ker? cm lagi worst jer) because this is my last peak period in E****Y****. time flies so fast. it nearly three years i ve been there and i m still alive and loyal to the company (actually terpaksa sbb bonded hikhik)

cant wait till that moment. should i chow before bonus paid or after? if yes, i have to wait another 4 months. lama tuh 4 months uhuhuhuh... another thing to think. but its too early to think. now is the time to think how to manage myself in the last round of peak period in my life( i hope so).

energy level is zero
tahap mengantuk keep increasing
berat bdn pun berlumba- lumba naik


Anonymous said...

missingggg yoouuuuuuu sooo muchhh.

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