Saturday, December 19, 2009

dancing without eyes. oh no!

actually today i've planned to go gym wif my besh buddy niniey in the morning. Kononnya nk loss some weight la dan membuang all 'lemaks2' yg kuternak selama ni. cause i'm having a minor eye surgery yesterday the effect from the surgery i can still feel it when i woke up this morning.

muka ngah tahan skt n pedih T_T

minor surgery nih tak lar teruk or aper sgt just nk buang nanah dlm mata akibat 'ketumbit'. salah satu sbb i nk buang jugaks nanah nih sbb ssh nk pakai eye shadow ader benjolan plak kat kelopak mata belah kanan. as what my sista said 'mata akak ader bonggol' ingt mata aku nih per? jalan raya? uhuhuhuh

doc said my eyes very dirty and i didnt clean up my eyes properly. i think my lenses also contribute some parts to this 'ketumbit.' for those yg pakai contact lenses including myself hehheheh please please please (a billion times) to

  1. clean up your lenses properly
  2. change it to the new one once it already expired
  3. please take out your lenses during nite or asap (your eyes need enuf water and also rest hehhehe). dont sleep with them.
  4. go see contact lenses specialist or any doctor once a year (my specialist located at jalan pahang (promote cket hehehhe). please email me or buzz me if you need a detail)

i wanna share wif you guys wif wat hapen to my auntie due to this lenses. from the story i heard, my auntie was admitted to the hospital because her eyes getting bigger and bigger. my auntie didnt take out her lenses and slept with them quite a long time. ur eyes tak cukup rest or i think scientifically ur eyes didnt get enuf oxcigyen. then my auntie kene tahan for further rawatan kot. ntah tak ingat cter dh lama hikhikhik....yp alhamdulilah tak lah sampai kene operate buang mata.

for conclusion please eat a lot of carrots or any vitamins to protect ur eyes and also ur money from buying a pair of glasses or disposable lenses or doing a laser operation.....


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