Friday, March 5, 2010

pity of you!!

i donno what the purpose i put this picture hikhik... but i like this picture!! i liioookkeee hehhehehe..anyway today nk story mory about my works...

sometimes i felt like i m too cruel to them to harsh with them..i meant my client

never tolerate with them at all.. tp they didnt do thing in a correct way at a first place!! penin nk pikir maner yg betul!! huissshhhh cmne lar...

tp when i think about it again i felt so bad...sometimes because of me dieorg kene marah, kene sembur ngan bos, kene slash performance rating and etc... tp i cannot do anything drpd i kene sembur later on baik i biar dieorg yg kene sembur...hehhehehhe

but what i can say when we are doing our works please do it correctly! check it properly. we tend to make a mistake but we have to try to avoid do a lot of mistakes.. be responsible on your works....

the end~


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