Sunday, June 17, 2012


Salam saturday,

Hows your weekend? Lepaking?tidoring? Dating? Good!!! It sounds great. Me? Have to attend training :( sob sob So boring kan? But never mind for learning and knowlegde kan?....

Actually training ni sgt bagus. Inject and boost up your spirit. Bagus kan... Punyalah emosi siap boleh nangis2 emosi betul i ni huhuhu... But from all the things the fasi said, there is one thing stayed in my mind until now.

"people always focus to the things that THEY DONT WANT. People are supposedly to focus WHAT THEY WANT."

Paham tak? Okeylah Simple example, saya nk kawin dgn anak raja, kaya end etc... Alaaaa you all sukalah tuh ckp psl kawin tgk dh berangan hikhikhik ;) So, if i focus on dat insyaAllah i will find and marry to my dream guy. SIMPLE! We need to stop focus on what we dont want. InsyaAllah berjaya. Cube try.

At the end, i ddnt regret attended this training. Its helps me to get back on track and keep going and dont give up!! Good training. BRAVO!! clap clap clap. I Should attend this kind of training frequently....

So, dh mlm ni. Eden penat sgt ni. Now jam di melaka menunjukkan puk150 pagi. Kalu di kl dh time tdo ni hehhehe cewah bajet beza sgt lah tuh..

For that, Nite All. Assalamualaikum....


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