Thursday, October 15, 2015

Work = Life

Since joined this new team, i m struggled to adapt with new work environment hujung bulan month end closing awl bulan reporting hari hari biasa debit credit... gosh!! I never done this kind of job in my entire life eventho i m accounting student lol...

But, for career dvlpmt kononnya kene lah exposed myself with this kind of work. Org kata to get your hand dirty with accounting works... kenelah biasa dgn benda2 ni..

At the end, its not so bad. Tk lah teruk lah accounting works ni. Maybe i m not doing purely accounting work because part of it i m still doing financial operation. So, tk lah buhsan sgt. But bile month end, rasa nk resign. Bile bergaduh dgn org operation, rasa nk bertumbuk. Bile kene keje during weekend, rasa nk jerit sbb feel unfair. Thats what i feel for the past 6 months and i m still survived! Yahoooo!!!!!

Thats not the thing that i want to share with you. Despite with all works commitment keje more than 8 hours, keje during weekend, we have to ensure we have a real work life balance.

Keje keje jugak.. work commitment kene fulfill and deliver but our own life our needs must be fulfilled as well. Sometimes i felt, this life is so unfair. Mentang mentang i m still single and no marriage commitment doesnt mean i have to work 24/7 doesnt mean i m the one who should be responsible with all works.

Until one day, i realised:
1. You make your own choice either you wanna go back and have your own sweet time with your family or you decide to stay at office to finish your work. Remember! Keje takkan pernah habis. Tp keje mesti di selesaikan.

So, when you choose to stay and do your work in sha Allah automatically you akan rasa ikhlas bekerja. Tk kisahlah u single je u dh kawin ke u workholic ke pe ke.. u dh decide then go for it. Dont blame others if you dont want to go back sharp at 5pm!!! Its all about a choice...

2. Family first. No matter how hard you strive for your work, you only have one mak, one abah, one adik, one kakak, one abang, one son and one doter. If you lost one of them, can anyone replaced them? But if you lost your job? Can you find other job? In sha Allah you can. Percaya lah rezeki Allah..

Masa travel to Perth somewhere in August, i learn one important thing. Work life balance and time with family. Dieorg de loceng pgi masuk keje, tengahari lunch and ptg time to go home. If dieorg negara i can considered maju dr kite bole blik on time what cant we do the same? At the end, balik you akan crk your family. Sit down around one big table to have dinner together. Thats so precious!!!.....

So, balik msia konon nk tiru. Ya Allah... teruknya lagi lambat balik. Yelah sbb pg bercuti byk keje menanti. (Sape suh cuti masa month end hahahaha)

3. Set the mission. Set the target. Means you kene set you keje teruk2 kenapa? Sbb nk kpi bagus? Sbb rasa tanggungjawab? Sbb rasa nk naik cepat? Or sbb ape? Tepuk dada tnya diri sndrik.

By having that, you will know what you should do. Why you should stay late at office? Why you cannot stay late? Etc etc

4. Do your work at the best level you can. Buatlah keje sungguh2. Jangan susahkan org. In sha Allah, org tkkan sushkan kite. So, tklah keje tuh menhntui kite.

I m not saying that i already practised all above. Slowly but surely. I have put a limit what time i have to stay back at office, i started to prioritise my works so dat the not so important work can be continue tomorrow, i started to think about myself and best part i started for not bring back work home....

I m so proud of myself.
I wanna have a normal life.
I wanna enjoy my life with my loved ones.
I wanna succeed in my career...

Enjoy guys~

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