Sunday, September 26, 2010

mari buat duit beramai-ramai

hye and assalamualaikum

saya sudah di kerteh alhamdulilah semalam selamat smpai.... tk lah teruk sgt travel die (maybe my pilot nih bwk kta laju gle tuh tak terasa hikhikhik) sekang lunch time so update blog jap.. kos ade sumthing wanna share wif u all hehehhehehe....

penah tau kewujudan blog kat ats tuh tak? actually this blog can help us to generate side income di samping menulis and mmbebel inside your blog.
i know dis blogs can help us to earn some money from them. but how?? i donno hehheheheh
so my sista shares some info wif me. you all kalu nk get income from this blog beginilah cara-caranya:
1. register your account and blog kat sni nuffnang and blogmalaysia (ade jer blog lain but sorry i just knew this two fame blog)
2. create this blog's badge inside your blog
3. you have to ask your fwen to click on this badge everytime they visit your blog.
senang kan?? kalu kite dh suh org buat cmtuh kat blog kiter then kiter tol lah org lain jugaks eh...
sharing is caring ehhehehehhe
so lets start make a money from our own blog...
p/s single means giving yourself more love. in a relationship means sharing that love with someone #saturdayromance


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