Wednesday, September 15, 2010

moral dan support

Hye you all....

How's raya? Byk mkn? Dh gemok? I nih mmg dh mok mok...have to do something

So pas je hbs pose tuh I berazam nk workout everyday...

Alhamdulilah skang dh 2 hari 1 hrs of my day I spend for workout... Tk perlu lama2 ckuplah sekadar consistent kan...

Tdkan I blaja dr trainer kat gym:
1. Mkn kene discipline
2. You have your own workout programme...
3. Consistent
4. Ade trainer - advisable

Yg keempat tuh berat sgt tuh... Mahal tuh nk hire trainer sndrik... Tp nk workout sndrik tk pndai...

So I decided nk jog everyday for an hour jdklah kan... If u guys ade idea how to set up ur own workout programme share share eh....

Moral dan support and diharapkan ( baru lah link ngan topik hikhik)


P/s Trust is like a piece of paper, once it's crumbled it can't be perfect. #DamnItsTrue

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