Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hate when ppl always keep talking about our country's corruption.
People won't do that if they know their responsibility and a sin of doing that.
I m not a politician person but I hate by hearing about this on and on and on.
Hope new government know about their REAL responsibilities.

Every single person who has been appointed for a position will have high responsibilities to the whole country not yourself or even not for a sake of your family!
Just remember one thing, 'setiap amanah, setiap tanggungjawab akan dipersoal nanti di akhirat satu persatu'

Let's us do our work in a right manner.
Not only talking to others but as a reminder to myself..


(Too pissed off of this issues. Getting Worst it happened to one of islamic country. MasyaAllah)

Sorry if ada terasa.


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