Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Angin mlm

Mlm ni teman sahabatku mengambil durian di rumah sahabatnya...(Semata2 tuh nk mkn durian)

So apabila durian di dalm keta air cond harus dptlah kumenikmati angin mlm...

Harap2 dgn angin mlm ni bdn segarlah sket...getting better kos have lot of works to do tomorrow....

Nk crk buah lain sbb I tk mkn durian heheheh balasan si teman mengambil durian

P/s need lot of nutrigen for my body

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I.Q.W.A said...

apakah maksud teman sahabatku ?

~syafa shafiin~ said...

teman sahabatku = accompany my fwen?
= menemani sahabatku?
= bersama2 sahabatku

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