Thursday, July 15, 2010

soooo excited ....

i'm feel so happy and excited to get back in 'mood' to start writing for this blog...maybe my sista mira inspired me to keep update this blog...WHHYYY???!!!

oppsss donno where to stat??!! lemme stat wif the good news first....

cerita die cenggini my sista mira got an offer to continue her study to pusat asasi UNIMAS yer U.N.I.M.A.S alaaa yg kat SARAWAK tuh over the sea!!!. jauhnya kalu i lar konpem nangis hari2 jauh uhuhuhuh nak blik mahal tp besh dpt slaluu naik beloonnnnn (kapal terbang dlm bahasa Sarawak)

actually she really wanted to study abroad but maybe no luck for her. i think ALLAH has His own agenda why she didn't get in..She's really homesick!!! mira jgn marah hehehhehe alaaa normal lah kan org yg tk penah berenggang ngan pamily skali dpt offer nun jauh di sana konpem lar ingat kat umah setiap saat mcm laaaar korg yg lain tk kan....its okey a good lesson for her and for us...mak abah pun kene lar belaja kan berenggang ngan anak2 (hatiku berkata tdak!! tdak!! tdak!! akan kusuruh husbandku beli umah berdekatan tk pun kiter psg khemah kat pdg depan umah hikhikhik)

i always hope and we always hope wherever she goes she will be a successful doctor one day...we always pray for her cause we love her so much!!! (mira, jgn nangis bace blog nih eh hehheheheheh)

so, after a looooooonnnngggg brreaakkk i dedicate this entry to MIRA....

mom + dad during father's day and bday adik (cube tgk betul2 kek tuh)

all my sistas eh adik mane nih??

ade pun adik hehhehe

p/s - there is must be something good behind anything.....


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