Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleepy + tired

Assalamualaikum and alohaaaaa...

Hah minggu nih again I m apart from my mom dad and pamily... Got orientation course to be attend for two weeks at permata, bangi hahahhaaha its near rite?

So far the program goes well... We wait for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the following day and bla bla hahahaha

Now nk tdo dh.. Sgt mengantuk but I have thing to do by 12am... So awake a while...

Hah!! I went to the gym today. Hopefully I m not gonna miss my gym session during this orientation week heheheh

Okeylah I think I wanna go to the bed.. So, guys gudnite. Love you


P/s life without stress is impossible, life with stress is possible

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Anonymous said...

enjoy your "new" life. take care always.

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