Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mimpi yang kuinginkan...

Finally dpt gaks tgk inception. Best!!! Thumbs up! One of my fwen said tgk cte nih jgn kelip mata nnti tk phm.. Ade pulak kata jgn bernafas hahahhahaha lawak kan....

Movie nih kene berpikir sket and cter die laju dats why lar korg kene focus hehehhehe... Tp berbaloi lar thn mata and thn nafas for dis movie hikhikhik

Tp tp tp tak puas hati ending die... For his effort to go back to his family he still lost!! So frustrated. Tak pe lah maybe director die ade different view on how to conclude or end the story...

So, selamat nonton hikhik
Mahu bermimpi dgn touke bank ape no peti besi die hahahhahhaha


P/s (dh beli cd inception sbb nk phmkan blk the story hahahahha)
Be brave to say "goodbye." Believe, that life will reward you with a new "hello." #MoveOnMoveUp

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